Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Trip to Petsmart

I got to go to Petsmart today! I had a really good time! My boy says that I am growing up to fast. I think he's just exaggerating. I just was marking my territory today. I didn't know that Petsmart didn't belong to me! :)

I say I should be able to mark anywhere that I like, but I guess I'll have to behave because I do like my boy a lot.

I met a really cute golden retriever today, but I only saw her from a distance! No girlfriends for me - even if tomorrow is Valentine's Day!

I met some nice people outside of Target. My boy and the woman bragged on me and said that I behaved very nicely. I was friendly to the people and sat pretty when they petted me, and I was very brave when the shopping carts went buy. I just ignored them.

I almost got a hot dog when my boy let it get close to my mouth, but I was foiled again in my plans! :)

Well, tomorrow will be another big adventure. I can't wait to make some online friends.


brcollies said...

Pretty darn cute!! We are very jealous that you get to go to Petsmart. The human mom will not take us. Maybe she thinks we will be bad. She has taken us many places and she feeds us chicken when we look up at her and run around. We don't know what we are doing so we just leap in the air and have a great time kicking up the dust at the dog shows. We show off in front of all those other people in big hair. They don't think we are funny but the humans think we are pretty cute. So far we've been to Mebane, NC, Chesapeake, VA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Bristol, CT. We spend alot of time in the big box with wheels but it's ok - we get CHICKEN!! AND she lets us bounce on the beds! It's so much fun!!
Your brother, Corey and Sister, Carly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dreamer--this blog was shared with us folks up north by your brother Tavish--just wanted to let you know that we had the honor of meeting your tri brother, Blu Ridge Lookout and your blue sister Blu Ridge Ride The Waves at shows in Connecticut last weekend--they are beuatiful puppies--looking at the pictures, it seems that good looks runs in the family

Anonymous said...

Dreamer, You look very nice after you day at the spa. I bet your boy really llkes you to be well groomed.