Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valetine's Day Poetry by Dreamer

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and family!! As my gift to you, I am writing you some poetry. I hope you enjoy it and that you write some poetry back to me in the comments sections.
Dreamer's Friends
Remi and Montana are red,
Carly and Pebbles are blue,
I like cookies!
How about you?
Sunshine daisies, roses too,
I like to play in the sun with my boy,
How about you?
My Family!
Corey is my big brother, he always tells me what to do,
Then one day, I stood up and said, whoo hoo!
I've got a home now, I don't have to listen to you!
Carly, Pebbles, Jesse and Maggie,
are my sisters you see,
I think they're pretty
and they fill me with glee!
Tavish and Drummond were always my buds!
They played with me
and rolled in the mud!
I have a brother whose name is Ethan,
that's kind of weird
because I have a boy named Ethan too,
what should I do?
For awhile my half-brother solo was singing the blues,
until one day when I came through,
I met him and we played rough,
that's the day that I discovered my fluff!
Now, I can't leave out dear old Dad,
He wasn't too good,
He was kind of bad!
So, one day I went, and I said,
Are you wearing plaid?
Then, dear old dad, got kind of mad,
he said, you young pup,
shut up!
My dad is the best! He's known to be rough!
But I hope to be like him
all big and gruff!
Cause he's a champion in the ring you see,
and that's what I hope to be!

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brcollies said...

Hey Dreamer - did you forget about Tiger?
Carly & Corey